Monday, August 13, 2007


Well, now that it is done, I must confess that it was alot of fun. I particularly liked playing with Flickr, Mappr and Meez. I have always enjoyed new technology, and this program has assisted in these lifelong learning goals. No real suprises, perhaps the only disappointment was with Rollyo, I was pretty underwhelmed!

I think the pacing and content was spot-on, and I would definately participate again. In a few words.... "Technology is cool!"

Sunday, August 12, 2007


OverDrive is cool. I really like the eBook, digital audio, and digital video offerings.


Well, just to keep up with the HP excitement, I added Mugglecast to my RSS feeds! Cool, for a Muggle, no?


At last! Hogan's Heroes Bloopers! Actually 729 Hogan's Heroes listings! I'm in heaven......


I really like Lulu. Cool in that you can self-publish. Also, can get either p or e book format for most items. Like the calendar offerings, also. Also really liked the travel site RealTravel. Nice Blogs.


I really like the functionality of Zoho, plus the ability to use anywhere!


Not the most intuitive. But useful for collaboration.